Pickleball is played on a 44' X 20' court, with a 36" net (34" at the center) and features a non-volley zone often referred to as "The Kitchen." It is played with a paddle and a plastic ball with holes (similar to but not a wiffle ball) and combines some of the best aspects of multiple sports.

Similar to tennis, when playing pickleball you can play either singles or doubles. Doubles tend to be the popular game in a recreational setting since it offers a fun, fast paced game that's social and easy for people of all ages and athletic abilities to pick up.


The score is called out as three numbers: 1) serving team score 2) receiving team score, and 3) server number (one or two) To start a match, the score is called out as “zero-zero-two”

In normal doubles play, each player on a team gets to serve before the serve switches to the other team. On the first serve of the game, however, only one player from the serving team may serve before it switches to the other team. For this reason, the first player to serve calls out “zero-zero-two” to indicate that they are the final server on their team before it switches.

If a point is scored, the server moves to the left side of the court and serves again and the serving team continues alternating as points are scored A team scores when it is their serve and their opponent faults. TO BE CONTINUED