Jubilee Pickleball Club

Open play, competitive play, friendships and exercise for all ages.
$15 / Year

NOTE: 3 visits to Lott Park per week for 1 year = 10 cents per visit.
Compare that to Orange Beach or the Fairhope Rec Center, for example.
No, you're not paying to play ... you're paying to be one of us.

Join today and help us grow our sport, advocate for better facilities and show our city we need and utilize facilities to benefit the community.

Joining is a great way to support and help us have a voice helping the community understand the value of pickleball and pickleball events.

Your reasonable membership dollars are not the most important aspect of our membership. We are hoping to find people willing to work along with our board members when we sponsor events.

Club activities will include competitive play, social play and educational opportunities to drill and improve skills. We hope to have something for every level of play. Join us. We need your representation.

Good to know: We are often asked in travels and at tournaments, why the name Jubilee for our pickleball club?

Answer: Because it is the rare event that happens only two places in the world which identifies our city. Daphne is known as the Jubilee City because it is one of the two worldwide sites of the rare "jubilee" events in which an unusually large number of crabs, fish, and shrimp become trapped in shallow waters along the coastline. And that causes great excitement for many.(See the Wikipedia entry for Jubilee) Well, so does pickleball. It can be an addiction, you know.

Join us!!!

Karen Dees (except for occasional editorial comments in italics)
JPC President 2022-2023